This work consists of cutting out paillons, spangles or flakes, representing all sorts of decorative patterns in gold or silver foil. The designs range from delicate flowers to flitting dragonflies to Arabic numerals to glittering stars.

It is a difficult task, because the spangles are in relief and thinner than a sheet of paper.

Though this technique was common in the last century, the production of spangles ended several decades ago. Some of the materials used in the workshops were banned for health and safety reasons, making it impossible to craft paillons. Enamellers and other artists were left to work only with the stocks accumulated in the years preceding the ban, and many craftsmanship secrets were lost.

Unwilling to resign ourselves to the loss of this unique and precious art, Emaillor invested many long hours performing tests and experiments, many of which proved to be quite disappointing.

Making perfect paillons requires delicate, meticulous craftsmanship, and our modern techniques are of very little use compared to the know-how of the last century.

But by dint of research, trial and error, and above all passion and perseverance, we can now make splendid spangles to brilliantly adorn your enamel creations.

We are not content to simply reproduce antique motifs. We have developed new tools and take pride in our ability to create an infinite variety of designs.

The creative possibilities are limitless…

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