Already an established artist, France Tille initially became interested in the art of enamel out of curiosity, but simple curiosity soon became a veritable passion! And so after a few years apprenticeship with renowned enamel artists, she founded the Emaillor workshop in 2002.

With her rare expertise in Grand Feu enamelling, France Tille quickly made a name for herself with the leading Geneva watchmakers thanks to the excellence of her work.

The demanding requirements of her world-famous customers challenged her to push towards ever-greater achievements, emphasizing the constant attention to detail and quality that are essential to the success of any art object. "Aim for perfection" is the motto of this gifted artist.


A jeweller by training, Jérémie Basset worked for several years in luxury watchmaking and jewellery before joining Emaillor in 2006.

He shares the same love for art and excellence as his mother, and enthusiastically entered the exclusive world of Grand Feu enamelling… An inherited passion.

Today, mother and son form a leading duo in the world of luxury and high-end refinement. United by the same expertise and determination, they work together on all their enamel projects.

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